Stairlifts make a safe and comfortable solution for people who experience difficulties getting up and down the stairs. Stairlifts have advanced greatly in recent years, are no longer bulky or noisy, and are now available in sleek, stylish designs with whisper quiet motors to ensure minimal disruption to your home life.

The benefits of our stairlifts include:

- Whisper quiet lifts

- Soft start / stop system

- Ultra smooth ride quality

- Easy joystick control

- Remote control system

- Low voltage operation

- Electro mechanical braking (with failsafe overspeed governor)

Not only do our stairlifts promise a smooth ride with zero jolting and very little noise, but the remote control function means that there’s no messy wiring – and the low voltage operation means that they are very safe to use, eliminating risk of shock. Additionally, our stairlifts are simple to operate and will not cause damage to your property as installation is done by attaching to the stairs, not your wall. Their slimline design means that your stairlift will not cause obstruction to others and the rest of the family can use the stairs as normal. And we can also design the perfect stairlift for every style of staircase, including straight or curved staircases, outdoor staircases, or narrow staircases. Even if your staircase has been turned down by other companies previously, we may still be able to help. So give us a call for a free consultation.

Our stairlifts are available to order straight away and can be delivered in just a few days. Our team will help you install within the hour and will talk you through everything as well provide full operating instructions.


If you would like to find out more about stairlifts, come and visit us in our shop in Bingley or call us on 01274 568131 to discuss your needs.

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Contact Information
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