Getting around from A to B has never been easier with our huge range of scooters and powerchairs. From your daily venture outdoors and weekly groceries to being out and about with the family, a scooter or electric wheelchair can really enhance your quality of life. Giving you back a sense of independence and the freedom to go places whenever you need to. We have a fantastic selection of models available for purchase, long term lease and hire. You can come and view them at our Bingley showroom, or call us on 01274 568131 to discuss your exact requirements and we will see if we can help.

Scooters & Accessories

Our scooters for seniors and people with disabilities are hand selected for their power and performance. We stock a range of scooters to suit your needs and budget, with different speeds, storage solutions and a variety of handy features. From small, transportable models to heavy duty road / off road vehicles, we have everything available for purchase or hire. Just a few of the scooters we have available at the moment are the brand NEW Cobra scooter, FR1 8mph scooters, the Alcora scooter, the Sport Rider, TR50+ carboot scooter with suspension and the automatic folding travel scooter, The Hermit.


Powerchairs or power wheelchairs are a fantastic alternative to owning a scooter. They are perfect for those who are loyal to using their wheelchairs and wish to upgrade from manual to electrically powered. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, powerchairs have superb manoeuvrability and feature easy to use control buttons. We currently supply a range of powerchairs, including basic frame chairs through to specialist powerbase chairs. And some of the models we have in stock right now are the Capricorn and Enigma Energi+, the Reno II Captain or GT, the Powerchair, the Sunfire General, and the Geo Micro.

Payment Options

Need advice or assistance with payment options? If you’re on enhanced rate disability, we can help you today. Anyone who qualifies for Enhanced Disability Premium can have their scooter repayments taken directly from their benefit allowance, giving you complete peace of mind. This option is available with our big 8mph scooters but can also be arranged for smaller models, and is usually over a period of 3 years.


Call us now on 01274 568131 to find out more.

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Contact Information
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