We believe that mobility is much more than just getting around outdoors.  Mobility is something that should be enhanced within the home too, extending far beyond just wheelchairs, powerchairs and scooters. Decreased mobility is something that can affect so many elderly people as well as people suffering from disabilities, and our rise & recline chairs and adjustable beds can provide life altering solutions to make everyday tasks so much easier.

Our extensive range of rise & recline chairs, adjustable beds, and adjustable mattresses are small investments that can make a big difference to your quality of life. From getting in and out of bed with ease to enjoying comfortable resting time in your favourite chair, our mobility furniture can transform your home in an instant. Our current range includes:

- Single motor reclining chairs

- Dual motor recliners

- High seat chairs

- Adjustable beds

- Adjustable mattresses

- Bedside mobility accessories

There are products to suit every budget. High seat chairs are fantastic and affordable, making them great for elderly family members and they have been designed to reduce tension on the joints. Whilst the single and dual motor recliners will raise and recline to assist you from the standing position all the way down to the seating position. Dual motors also have additional adjustment functions so that you can get the optimum comfort levels when sitting.

For mobility in the bedroom, we offer a selection of adjustable beds and mattresses which have been designed to assist you with getting in and out of bed. Plus a variety of bedside products such as handles, leg raisers, over-bed tables and pillows.

Contact Information

Contact Information
Tel: 01274 568131 Email: sales@advanced-mobility.co.uk
2 Chapel Lane,
Bingley, Bradford, BD16 2NG

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